Gem Rocks Slot Review: The Big Prize Ever in 2021

Gem Rocks Slot Review: The Big Prize Ever in 2021

Gem Rocks slot is the latest online game the tube of Yggdrasil, with the theme of falling gems. It is the latest slot with prizes up to 9000x your bet!.

The special thing about its game is this slot combines two exciting principles from other slots. 

Firstly, you play with falling blocks instead of reels,just like with slot hit Gonzo’s Quest. The blocks of a winning combination explode, after which new blocks fall on the empty spots.

Secondly, some blocks are extra large:2×2, 3×3 and even 4×4. You may recognize this from the cheerful online slot Spiñata Grande.

Gem Rocks Slot Review

This slot has good ratings from the players. However, is that really good? Hm, let’s take a closer look. 

1. How Does Gem Rocks Work?

Gem Rocks has 6 columns with 4 blocks each. Per spin you bet a minimum of $0.10 and a maximum of $50. There are no paylines – all prizes grow criss-cross. You win when the same block falls at least once in the first three (or more) columns.

On the left side of the lock you will see a winmeter. That win meter indicates when a Monster Rock is going to fall, a mega symbol:

  • After 2x wins in a row, there is a Monster Rock of 2×2 squares.
  • After 5x wins in a row, there is a Monster Rock of 3×3 squares.
  • After 9x wins in a row, there is a Monster Rock of 4×4 squares.

Nice: with a Monster Rock you are guaranteed to win a prize (and therefore also an extra dash on the winmeter).

2. The 1000 Spins on Gem Rocks

We played 1000 spins on Gem Rocks for this slot review with the minimum bet of $0.10 per spin. In total, we bet $ 100.

Soon we realize: this slot is all about the Monster Rocks. Because in the regular game you hardly win anything worthwhile: many prizes from 1, 2 and 3 cents to a few dimes.

However, that’s totally different when the Monster Rocks appear. We score a total of 27x a Monster Rock of 2×2. On average 1 time per 37 spins.

A Monster Rock always means price. Sometimes at a very small price. This is how we ‘win’ 9 cents once. Net 1 cent loss, but we also cashed in $17.36 once.

It gets even better with a Monster Rock of 3×3. We scored that 4 times. The winnings: $6.77, $7.76, $3.27 and as an absolute hit $22.08. That’s more than 220x the stakes. Top!.

Unfortunately, we do not get the Monster Rock 4×4 once. A few minutes before the end of the final review session there is a loss of more than $ 10, – on the screen.

However, it can happen quickly at Gem Rocks. One Monster Rock is enough. After 1000 spins, we ended up with a profit of $ 8.98.

In the end, Gem Rocks slot is completely focused on gamblers who love heavy slots. It is very volatile: sometimes you win nothing too little, but once you score a spin with a Monster Rock, you can raise the flag! And with a maximum profit of 9000x your bet, you also have a chance to win a real capital with a small amount.

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