What is Wagering Conditions

Wagering Conditions

Bonus requirements are commonly connected to casino bonuses. This is when the wagering terms come into play. It’s critical to comprehend how these wagering conditions operate. This page explains what the wagering conditions are and how to deal with them effectively.

The Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirements of a casino bonus determine how many times you must wager the amount of the bonus in the online casino before you can request a withdrawal.

Suppose you get a casino bonus of 100%. You deposit 100 euros and therefore receive a total of 200 euros on your playing account. There are 25 wagering requirements for this bonus. This means that you have to wager 25 times 100 euros to play around the bonus. That is 2500 euros in total. 

You should also keep in mind that not all casino games usually count towards clearing your bonus. So do not just bet randomly to clear the bonus, but read the bonus and wins conditions of the casino carefully.

Reasonable Wagering Conditions

A casino bonus’ wagering conditions are normally between 20 and 40 times. With a bonus that has 40 wagering requirements, you must decide if you are willing to invest 40 times the bonus sum. This is not realistic for many gamers.

Because there is frequently a validity period that you must adhere to, playing circumstances between 20 and 30 times are already a lot more acceptable. Frequently, wagering criteria must be reached within a specified amount of time. This may be a 30-day period, for example. The bonus will expire if you do not complete it within this time frame.

Tips to Play Around The Bonus

Do you want to take advantage of the best possible wagering conditions? Then do a thorough comparison between the different online casinos. Some providers want to tempt you with big bonuses, but if you look at the wagering requirements, they are very high, up to 40 times. 

It is wiser to choose an online judi qq casino with slightly lower casino bonuses and lower playing conditions (We recommend MPOAPI and Bovada for high experience). Also take a good look at which casino games count towards clearing the bonus and for what percentage. Table games such as Roulette and Blackjack often count less than slots, so you should really know how to place bets in online casino slots. In the live casino, you can usually not wager the casino bonus. 

In other games such as sports betting, the requirements are also different, depending on how much you want to wager. Different type of sports betting also comes with different tips and tricks. You should learn them all before placing your bet.

Do you want to play your casino bonus as quickly as possible? Then bet on the slots. These usually count for 100% towards clearing your bonus. It is also better to choose slots with low variance.

Also with free spins, wagering conditions usually apply. Inexperienced players are often not aware of this. All bonus conditions can be found in the general terms and conditions or bonus conditions of the online casino. 

Casino Bonuses Without Wagering Conditions

Of course, being able to take advantage of bonuses with no wagering restrictions would be ideal. Regrettably, this does not occur very frequently. They generally come in the form of a no deposit bonus or free spins with no wagering requirements if they are available.

These kind of deals are quite appealing to players, and online casinos are well aware of this. This is not particularly beneficial for the online casino, but it might help them attract new clients.

The biggest advantage of these incentives is that you may withdraw your profits right away. Unfortunately, these incentives are not automatically available at an online casino.

Can You Refuse the Casino Bonus

Many players do not realize that they can also refuse the casino bonus. You can usually choose this when you start depositing money into your account. However, this option is not always clearly displayed. 

In some cases you have to ask the customer service of the online casino to remove the bonus. For players who don’t feel like wagering requirements, this is a great option. The advantage of the casino bonus is that you have more money to play with. So there is also a greater chance of making a profit. 

However, some players choose to refuse the casino bonus because of the many bonus conditions. Because of the wagering conditions, you have to bet extra money and that is not a good option for every player.

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