Viking Age slot machine Demo: All Reviews

Viking Age slot

With the Viking Age slot machine, the legendary navigators and warriors give you an appointment on this slot machine. With its 3D graphics and after a video introduction worthy of the greatest video games, this Betsoft title will take you on an exciting adventure in search of countless treasures. 

Guided by a charming red-haired warrior, you will board a Drakkar to try to win a nice jackpot. Easy to learn, Viking Age will captivate you and these mini-games, bonuses and various advantages will also be there to motivate you thoroughly.

Range of bets and symbols to win free spins

The Viking Age slot has 5 reels, 5 rows and 30 paylines. Under music with a throbbing rhythm and the cries of the warriors, you can bet, as you wish, between €0.01 and €150.

Among the symbols, some will give you many options like the Runestone Doors. To trigger the latter, you will need to collect three Viking Red Helmets. It will allow you to launch a mini-game to win chips, free spins and another bonus game. In addition, 3 symbols bearing the image of Amma (the red-haired warrior who leads the troop) will give you access to free spins where your bets will be multiplied.

Other benefits and bonuses of Viking Age

As stated before, the bonuses are quite substantial on the Viking Age slot machine. With the arm wrestling symbol, you will enter a very interesting bonus game: Viking Age Arm Wrestling. For this, you must collect at least three of these symbols. During the Viking Age Arm Wrestling bonus, a competition of this discipline will be contested between two warriors. 


The principle is to determine who will be able to represent your interests. Rest assured, you won’t have to enter a real showdown, as the winner of the competition will be tossed to a coin. The clash between your colt and the other viking will take place over several rounds, allowing you to try as many times as possible. If your soldier manages to beat his opponent, he will allow you to multiply your winnings up to 10 times the bet.

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The Viking Age slot machine has 30 paylines, 5 rows, and 5 reels. You can wager as much as €150 while listening to music with a pulsating rhythm and war yells.

Some of the symbols, such as the Runestone Doors, will present you with a variety of possibilities. You’ll need to gather three Viking Red Helmets in order to start the latter. You can use it to start a mini-game to win coins, bonus spins, and another game. Additionally, if you land three Amma symbols (the red-haired warrior who commands the troop) on the reels, you’ll be granted free spins during which your wagers will be doubled.

As previously mentioned, the Viking Age slot machine offers some significant bonuses. You can access a really intriguing extra game called Viking Age Arm Wrestling by using the arm wrestling symbol. You need to gather at least three of these symbols to do this. Two warriors will engage in a contest of this discipline during the Viking Age Arm Wrestling bonus.

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