5+ BEST Things in Ugga Bugga Slot Review: RTP, Bonus, Jackpot

Ugga Bugga Slot Review

In this Ugga Bugga slot review, it isn’t your typical jungle adventure – Playtech’s 2013 release offers players a one-of-a-kind slot experience in which they can select their own lucky symbols. Find wilds all over the reels for a 1,000x multiplier!.

You may have come across this exotic cartoon-style slot before and dismissed it. However, you should take another look because this isn’t your typical video slot. 

Playtech’s Ugga Bugga slot machine debuted in 2013 with a completely new concept: ten separate rows, each with three symbols, and the option to improve your luck by selecting your own symbols.

The Best Ugga Bugga Slot Review


It’s not a game that everyone will enjoy, but it’s certainly unique and adds to the slot experience – and its extremely high RTP can make it quite profitable. Read our review to find out how it works and how you can start reeling in the cash.

1. The Gameplay

Ugga Bugga features 30 reels and ten paylines, divided into two columns of five lines each. The denominations of the coins range from $0.10 to $5. 

The game allows you to bet one to five coins per line, with a maximum bet of $25 per line. Because all paylines are activated automatically, a line bet of $25 equates to a total bet of $250.

When the stake is set, the player presses the Spin button to start the game, which only spins the three reels on the first line. The player can then choose to hold one or more of the symbols on that payline, and any symbols held on that payline are mirrored on all other paylines. 

If, for example, the player hits one or more jackpot/wild symbols on the first line, this is a very lucrative option.

2. The Bonus Feature

Rather than the bonus features, Playtech has focused on the slot’s unique mechanism. There isn’t a bonus round to be won, and there isn’t much in the way of feature action. It all boils down to the held reels, which allow you to select your lucky symbol and see if it improves your odds.

Here’s a breakdown of how each mechanism works.

Held Reels

Each spin is actually made up of two steps. On the first spin, only one of the rows will spin. When you complete the second part of the spin, you’ll have the option to hold one of the three symbols that land and see it appear across the remaining rows.

You can also choose not to hold a symbol if you believe it will improve your chances – it all depends on whether you believe a particular symbol is lucky or not.

The Free Spins

Ugga Bugga doesn’t have a free spins round, but the game functions differently, so it’s still worth a shot.

The Wilds

The wild symbol can help you complete your paylines by substituting for other symbols and awarding wins of up to 1,000x.

3. The Strength and Weakness

By now, it should be obvious that we enjoy playing Ugga Bugga online. Nonetheless, we want our Ugga Bugga slot machine review to be thorough and objective.

To that end, here’s a quick overview of the Ugga Bugga casino slot machine’s advantages.

The Pros

  • Themed in a tiki atmosphere
  • The slot structure is unique
  • Wild symbols that expand
  • Feature to Hold
  • Scatter symbol that pays out whenever it appears on the reels
  • High Return To Player (RTP) of more than 99 percent
  • Payouts are available for combinations of symbols from the same category
  • For each spin, you have the chance to win ten payouts.

This game is unique and exciting, according to our Ugga Bugga slot review. We appreciate how unique it is in comparison to other online slot games.

It lacks many of the features found in other games, but that is what distinguishes it. The RTP percentage of the Ugga Bugga demo online slot machine is one of the highest in the industry.

If Ugga Bugga were a progressive slot machine or a game with free spins and bonus rounds, this would not be possible.

The higher the number of bonus features in a game, the lower the RTP percentage. The high RTP of Ugga Bugga is due to its unique slot structure, hold feature, and lack of other features. They all contribute to making it a fun and unique game to play.

4. The Audio and Graphics

Ugga Bugga, like most Playtech slot machines (more), is silent until the player presses the Spin button, after which it plays the beating drum and spinning reels sound effects. 

Although the sound quality is excellent, we found the drums to be grating after a while and muted the machine in favour of some hand-selected music.

5. The Jackpot

The relic symbol doubles as a jackpot and wild symbol, and you only need three of them to win the jackpot of 1,000 coins. 

On the first jackpot instance, the jackpot is worth 1000 times the line bet, rather than the coin size, when betting the maximum bet, and 250 times on the second jackpot instance when betting the maximum bet. The jackpot size for subsequent jackpots is 1000 times the coin size.

6. The RTP and Volatility

Ugga Bugga is up there with some of the highest RTP slots on the market, with a return to player of 99.07 percent. However, because the volatility is low, you’ll see frequent wins, but they’ll be on the small side.

While Ugga Bugga can be played on a mobile device, we believe the game’s layout and mechanics are better appreciated on a bigger screen.

In conclusion of the Ugga Bugga slot review, When you’re in the mood for it, multi-spin slot machines are a lot of fun, and this one is no exception. The second spin, which occurs after the holding phase, was a little slow for us, so we’d recommend speeding up the game for a more enjoyable pace.