MonkeyPop Slot Demo Review: Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses

MonkeyPop Slot

AvatarUX created the MonkeyPop slot demo machine. Free spins, expanding reels, rising multipliers, and other features are included. The biggest jackpot on this medium volatility slot machine is worth 10,744, and the RTP is 96.33%.

Theme And Graphics

The watercolor aesthetic of MonkeyPop by Avatar UX is wonderful, and the symbols are designed in a way that truly honors Chinese arts and culture. Shu-m, which translates to “water and ink,” is the name of this type of painting, and you can certainly tell that the Avatar UX team did their homework and collaborated with designers who could mimic this distinctive aesthetic.

MonkeyPop RTP And Variance

Source from tumblr sites, The RTP for MonkeyPop is 96.33%. This is considerably greater than what we’ve seen from other PopWins games, such PiggyPop (95.5%) and LolliPop (95.82%), but still falls within the normal range for online slots.

MonkeyPop is a modest variance game in terms of volatility, which is impressive given that the top jackpot is worth nearly 10,000x.

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How To Win

MonkeyPop has 486 initial ways to win, however this number can increase to 33,614. Wins are produced when matching symbols appear on an adjacent reel. The height of the reel and the total number of ways to win rise when you hit a win since all winning symbols expand to become two new symbols. Also Try downloading the open slot 5.0.13 apk to get longer luck playing slots.

Removing Low-Paying Symbols

A unique bonus is given during the base game when all reels have fully extended. Two bonus spins are given after a random number of low-paying symbols are eliminated from the game. There is a growing multiplier that starts at 1x, 2x, or 3x during this brief boost.

Free Spins

The primary free spins bonus will be triggered if three bonus symbols land on the reels. The Reward Reel screen will appear before to the round starting and will determine:

  • 5 to 10 free spins will be awarded.
  • 486, 2048, or 6250 as the first winning combinations
  • 1x to 4x as the starting multiplier
  • Interval between multiplier increases: 1 and 5

The reels don’t decrease back to their previous size in between spins when playing this round; instead, they start off at either 3, 4, or 5 symbols high.

Throughout spins, you can also accumulate bonus symbols. Once you get three, one of the lucrative monkey symbols will be improved and grant prizes worth 5 or 10 times what they typically would. Multiple monkeys can be upgraded in the same bonus.

Additionally, expanding all of the reels can result in the base game bonus being activated. A random number of low-paying symbols will be eliminated from the reels during your two free spins. And To add to the experience of playing slots, try playing like terminator 2 slots on online sites.

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MonkeyPop Slot – Conclusion

MonkeyPop is a wonderful addition to AvatarUX’s PopWins line of games. It not only has a beautiful theme, but it also excels at using the PopWins concept. We truly appreciate how AvatarUX gave this slot such careful consideration during the design and game mechanics in order to produce a slot that really attracts players’ attention and has the potential to offer some incredible prizes. You can play demo slots to practice your skills on our best slots site.