Bad Effect of Gambling: Gambling is Detrimental

Bad Effect of Gambling: Gambling is Detrimental

Actualy gambling is detrimental thing to society but that is much favored by the community today. As we can see, nowadays many people are willing to spend a lot of money or all of their money just because of gambling. They don’t think about how hard it is to get the money and just throw it away.

There are so many bad effects caused by gambling both for health and for finance for gambling players. Examples of the impact produced by gambling where gambling is something that is detrimental is mental disturbance, financial exhaustion, committing criminal acts and many more.

Gambling is detrimental thing for the players, we can see from the bad impact of the destruction of the financial condition of the gamblers.

This is not imaginary because a gambler who is already involved in gambling and cannot stop gambling. He always suffered losses that caused all his money was drained.

The gamblers don’t seem to think about the future effects if they run out of money. This is evidenced where gamblers who have already lost big do not hesitate to owe other people and the money is also used to gamble again.

Of course, this can be detrimental to gamblers, because apart from the debt that has accumulated, they of course cannot pay the debt because the money has been used up for gambling. This can also make a person affected by mental disorders due to gambling.

Many gamblers end up experiencing mental disorders because their money has run out for gambling. Then gambling itself is like an addiction that makes players unable to stop.

A gambler will continue to have a desire to be able to gamble continuously. This is one of the effects that gambling is detrimental. Because if of course the money is saved or used with things that are more useful for savings in the future, of course it will be a different story.


Gambling is detrimental because it causes many negative effects for the perpetrators. There are a lot of gambling circulating in the community at this time, both online gambling and offline gambling.

Online gambling itself is a gambling that has been regulated by the system for its own game pattern. Examples of online gambling that are currently being played are: a list of games 138 online slot, dominoes, qiu qiu and many others.

In contrast to online gambling, offline gambling has a dealer who is in charge of regulating a pattern of the gambling game. Examples of some offline gambling that are widely circulated in the community are: cockfighting gambling, poker gambling, soccer gambling and many more.

Stop playing gambling from now on if you really don’t want your life to be ruined, as has been explained above that gambling is detrimental thing that definitely has a lot of negative impacts on someone.

Get rid of thoughts and assumptions that you can get money or get rich by gambling, because many gamblers think that they can get rich from gambling.

What is clear is that this is something that is not true. You can start a way to stop gambling by asking for help from your family, ask your family for good advice.