European Roulette Slot Review: 97% RTP (ESA Gaming)

European Roulette Slot

We’ll go over all of the game’s features in-depth in this portion of our European Roulette slot review. Let’s get started!

European Roulette Slot Backstory

Only a very few lucky ones have actually been able to play roulette, also known as the queen of casino games. In fact, roulette is only found in physical casinos, and therefore those who did not have a casino near their home, or could not afford a trip to Las Vegas, could never enjoy the thrill of the ball rolling. 

However, since online casinos have arrived, things have changed considerably. In fact, now anyone of us can take a spin on roulette, even in the live rooms where you are in front of a real dealer. But ESA Gaming went even further, and created a portable roulette, which you can keep in your pocket to play whenever you want! The European Roulette slot is in fact a mobile-first game, that is, designed to be played mainly from smartphones or tablets.

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European Roulette Slot General Description

You may be wondering how it is possible to bring a complex game made up of many elements such as roulette into a small screen like that of a smartphone. If you start ESA Gaming’s European Roulette slot you won’t find it hard to find out, and indeed you will be amazed at the exceptional work that the graphic designers of this software provider have done. 

The first screen shows you the green table, and more precisely the racetrack. You can opt for two different views, each of which shows you the main betting options. In the basic view, there are the more classic bets; in the oval, there are the special bets, the bets that not all roulettes allow you to make but that you find in this version of ESA Gaming. On the right of the screen, you will find a button in the shape of columns, by pressing it you have access to the game statistics. This can allow you to come up with a bit of strategy when placing your bet.

On the left of the screen, you will find the chips you need to place your bets in four different denominations: 1, 5, 10 and 100. To make the bet you simply use the drag & drop method: that is, take the chip and put it on the point of the racetrack where the bet you intend to place is located. 

Since ESA Gaming’s European Roulette slot is played mainly from a mobile device, you just need to move your finger on the touchscreen to do this. If you’re playing on a desktop computer, you can use the mouse. At the bottom, finally, there are the buttons to start the roulette or the spin, and the double button to double the bet.

European Roulette Slot: Game Symbols

There are no special symbols that you need to recognize, other than those that make you distinguish one chip from another. But the most important thing you need to know when playing roulette is the different types of bets you can make. 

Each carries a different risk, but also a different potential payout. In fact, there are 1: 1 paid bets, such as Red-Black (Red or Black) and Even-Odd (Even or Odd). But there are also potentially more profitable bets, even if they have less chance of success, such as the Line Bet, which pays 5: 1, or the Straight Up, which pays a whopping 35: 1. 

You can see all of your bets by pressing the menu button at the top right, after which you can decide how to execute your bet. The three Special Bets of Voisins, Orphelins, and Tiers are also available on the secondary racetrack (Vicini, Serie and Orfanelli). Apart from that, this roulette follows all of the classic rules of European Roulette and thus has 37 numbers (36 plus zero).

European Roulette Slot Functionality

The best part comes when you actually start the game because it is at this point that the skill of ESA Gaming programmers clearly appears. To play you must therefore withdraw a chip, place it on the bet you intend to place, and then press the spin button. 

The screen changes: at the top of the screen appears the roulette wheel, in three-dimensional design, where the ball is thrown and rotates until it stops in a compartment. At the bottom of the screen, the racetrack is displayed in small format, with your bet highlighted. At the end of the roulette move, the result is informed to you. You have two options depending on whether you won or lost.

You can place a new bet or repeat your previous one. You can always choose to double your bet before the spin. The ball spins again if you respin. If you change your mind, you return to the racetrack screen and can withdraw one of the chips you have at your disposal.

Final Conclusion on The European Roulette Slot

If you think about it, up until a few years ago it would have seemed like magic to be able to play roulette while queuing at the mall, or while in the waiting room. The European Roulette slot is simply amazing. In a few inches of screen, you can let in a whole world, the exciting one of the spinning ball and the lucky goddess who could kiss you at any moment. But not everything is left to mere chance. 

The ability to consult the game statistics provides you with a useful tool to try to better calibrate your bets. European Roulette slot online is an exclusive product of the EasySwipe suite created with the Html5 programming language. Therefore, also play it from your desktop computer at situs slot777, for real money or just for fun. All in all, thank you for reading our European Roulette slot review. Best of luck and gambling responsibly!