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Download BLACKPINK Songs

Do you have a plan to download BLACKPINK songs? We will give you the best recommendations! This girl-band is without a doubt the most popular girl group in the world.

Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa, a four-woman superstar from South Korea, made their K-pop debut in 2016 under YG Entertainment, popping onto the scene with a set of singles that launched them to the forefront of the “girl crush” concept, which captures confidence, sexiness, and inspirational assurance in the K-pop notion.

Download BLACKPINK Songs – Best Lists

To enjoy BLACKPINK’s songs every time, you should take a look at these recommendations below to download and listen to them!

Download BLACKPINK Songs

1. Lovesick Girls

“Lovesick Girls” is a cheery melody that serves as the appropriate lead single for Blackpink’s debut full-length album.

It’s both new and old, with acoustic and electronic parts, as well as a synth sound in Lisa and Jennie’s rap stanza, which gives the song an early 2010s pop flavor. It’s a hit till now, despite feeling like an obvious follow-up to 2017’s “As If It’s Your Last.”

2. As If It’s Your Last

BLACKPINK are at their most poppiest in “As If It’s Your Last,” and it’s wonderful. 

The song, which was released as a standalone single during the summer of 2017, was the group’s only release that year, yet it was a hit. Its chorus has become one of BLACKPINK’s most recognizable throughout their career.

Lisa’s rap verse, which was the group’s first wholly in English verse, is the track’s sticking point.

3. Whistle

“Whistle” outperforms “Boombayah” by a wide margin. It’s cool and confident from Jisoo’s opening “Hey boy,” stitched together with a whistle hook and minimal production components that let the members’ vocals shine through.

The ups and downs of “Whistle” builds to a final chorus that will definitely get you pumped up, but it’s the relaxed confidence — especially when compared to “Boombayah” — that makes it so good.

4. Playing with Fire

BLACKPINK’s first serious dive into sorrow, “Playing With Fire,” is a glorious success.

Given that it was released on “Square Two,” it’s clear to see how this song, both lyrically and musically, prepared the way for the group’s future releases. “Playing With Fire” is short, yet couplets like “My love is on fire / Now burn, baby, burn” bring home the song’s themes.

Download BLACKPINK Songs

5. Kill This Love

BLACKPINK’s most aggressive single, “Kill This Love,” is offset with a pared-down pre-chorus that relies on Jisoo and Rosé to convey the song’s emotional effect.

The track’s stripped-down sections allow the chorus to back a significant punch, even with minimal vocals, thanks to crisp snares and a synth brass sound that set the song’s aggressive tone.

As a result, “Kill This Love” has more momentum than some of the band’s following singles, which end with disappointing payoffs. The film’s final sequences are theatrical, but they also feel deserved.

6. Ddu-du Ddu-du

Jennie’s rapid-fire rap verse, which strikes you like a ton of bricks after the song’s first chorus, is “Ddu-du Ddu- du’s” most significant part.

Despite following a similar structure, the song is dramatic and loaded to the brim with confidence, but it lacks the same kind of conceptual substance as songs like “Kill This Love.”

7. Pretty Savage

BLACKPINK’s cockiest song to date, “Pretty Savage,” is undeniably cocky, and it really works.

The song turns the group’s calling card on its head, turning it into a vocal hook at the start. The song is packed with casual insults and claims of the group’s power.

8. Boombayah

“Boombayah” is a pure dance anthem, but its repetitive nature makes it the worst of BLACKPINK’s four 2016 singles that began their career.

While the chorus is great for dancing to, it’s ruined by a whooping sound in the chorus, which is followed with a hand-over-mouth motion in the song’s choreography, which harkens back to negative Native American stereotypes.

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