Top 5 Best Slot Machines in Vegas

best slot machines in vegas

Las Vegas casinos have a lot of slot machines, more than 42,000 of them. These slots bring in about 60% of all the money the casinos make. This means that the slots are where you can win the most money. The biggest jackpot ever won on a slot machine was an amazing $39.7 million at Excalibur Casino in 2003.

Now, you might be wondering how you can have a chance to win big on the slots too. It can be a bit overwhelming to choose the right casino and the perfect slot machine, but we’re here to help make it easier.

What Makes The Best Slot Machines?

The Ideal Venue

Many people think that the casinos where you can spend less and win more money are not on the Las Vegas Strip, but in places like Fremont and Downtown. However, when it comes to slot machines, it’s a different story. There are over 120,000 slot machines all over Nevada, so you have plenty of options.

If you want the best chances of winning, though, it’s better to play slots in Reno, the Boulder Area, or North Las Vegas. In Reno, players win an average of 94.2%, while in Boulder, it’s 93.27%, and in North Las Vegas, it’s 92.54%. These places offer better odds compared to the Strip and Downtown, where the odds are lower, usually below 92%.

Slots with High RTP (Return To Player)

RTP means Return To Player, and it’s the part of the money you bet on a slot machine that it’s supposed to give back to players over time, usually shown as a percentage. It’s the average amount you get back from every $100 you bet.

In Nevada, the lowest RTP allowed is 75% according to the Nevada Gaming Control Board. This means, on average, the machine gives back $75 for every $100 you bet. The good news is that even the slot machines with lower RTPs still give back more than 85%.

High Volatility

A slot machine with high volatility pays out less often, but when it does, the winnings are big. You might lose more often or get smaller prizes, but these slots also give you a shot at winning huge jackpots. They’re favored by players who like taking bigger risks for the chance to win life-changing amounts of money.

Top 5 Slot Machines to Win in Vegas

The casino usually wins, but you can still win a good amount. By studying slot machine winnings and casino profits, we can identify the best slots for players in Las Vegas. Just remember, you’ll need to spend some time playing to see the rewards of these profitable machines. This is based on the 2022 Nevada statewide casino earnings of $1 billion.

1. Nickel Slots

In 2022, Nickel slots had a 5.09% advantage for the house, meaning players had about a 94.91% chance of winning. These slots are not only profitable but also easy to play, affordable, and low-risk.

However, finding nickel slots can be a bit challenging as they are becoming rarer. In 2022, there were only 932 nickel slots in operation compared to 1035 in 2021. So, be prepared and plan ahead if you want to try your luck with these slots.”

2. Slots for Bigger Wins

In 2022, $5 slot machines in Las Vegas gave casinos a 5.46% profit, while players won 94.54%, making them the second most profitable slots. They remain consistently good, as in 2021, they had a 5.48% casino win and 94.52% player win.

Other high-stakes slots like $10 and $100 machines also performed well, offering players an RTP of around 93-94%.

3. Slots with Big Jackpots

Examples: Mega Moolah, Double Jackpot Slots, Megabucks

Mega Moolah is a famous worldwide slot game. Just one win can make you an instant millionaire, with a minimum jackpot of $1 million. These slots with huge jackpots are perfect for those aiming to win big. But remember, hitting the jackpot may require a lot of time and money.

Another great jackpot slot is Double Jackpot, a simple classic game with the potential for a jackpot of $50,000 or more. Megabucks has had winners walk away with over $4 million, $20 million, and even $39 million in various casinos, proving that sometimes, one win is all it takes.

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4. Progressive & Multiplier Slots

Mega Moolah is a progressive slot that gets bigger as players from different casinos play it. This means you could win a lot of money. In 2015, one lucky player won an amazing $18 million playing Mega Moolah. Fu Dao Le is another game with 243 ways to win using Chinese symbols. It’s fun and gives you chances for free spins and multipliers.

5. Popular and Classic Slots

Games like Wheel of Fortune and Buffalo Grand are famous because they’re fun and let you win. When you see lots of people playing these classics in a casino, it’s a good sign that you can win some money too. Wheel of Fortune not only is a loved game but also pays more than penny slots. Buffalo Grand is a popular choice, with players winning up to $1.39 million in 2021.

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