5 Lions Dance Slot Review RTP 96.50% (Pragmatic Play)

5 Lions Dance Slot Review

Are you searching for the 5 Lions Dance slot review? Players are accustomed to seeing dragons and other monsters, as well as the classic lion costumes that we frequently see at Chinese New Year events. 

We’ve seen them in various Asian-themed games, and now Pragmatic Play is giving us this game, a slot machine solely devoted to these beasts. Although the lions are undoubtedly the main attraction, we believe you will also find a few other things to look at.

Summary of 5 Lions Dance Slot Review

The 5×4 reels and active 1024 chances to win on the 5 Lions Dance slot review are both in motion. We’d guess that most players will like something about the game and the way it pays when the RTP is 96.50%, the volatility is medium, and payouts can reach 2,700x the stake. 

Beyond its potential payouts, it’s important to point out that the slot machine also features wilds, scattered Drums, free spins, and a very unique Lion Reel bonus.

1. Wagering Option

The amount of ways to win isn’t truly taken into account by the game; instead, it uses a system with only 20 active lines, at least for wagering. You can choose up to 10 coins for those lines, and the range is between $0.20 to $100 with denominations up to $0.50.

Rather than being the highest that 5 Lions Dance can go, the creator has set a cap on the game’s rewards at 2,700x the stake. The game might perform even better with up to 20x the stake paid for each combo and 1024 ways to win that could result in wins.

Nevertheless, we’d think that the majority of players will be satisfied with what this game ultimately offers at that kind of payout level and given its medium volatility and 96.50% RTP.

2. Game Features

You will receive wild symbols inside, which is always a welcome element when ways to win are used. When wilds just need to show up on the right reel, it makes it simpler for winners to form. However, it’s only accessible on the final four reels in this case. Naturally, it doesn’t take the place of any of the other unique symbols either.

A scatter and a symbol that can only appear on the first three reels is the drum. It must land there to start the 10 free spins. 

You have much better chances of producing large value wins since any top paying Lion symbols that come at this time will be changed into a single randomly picked Lion type. Retriggering more free spins is possible, and all it takes is another set of three scatter symbols.

The usage of the Lion Reel bonus is what makes this game feel unique. It is dependent on the Lion Reel emblem, which appears on the final three reels. To access the additional feature, all three must be present. 

The first two reels become one substantial reel as a result. When it spins, a prize between 5 and 200 times the amount will be revealed. A simple feature that is appreciated because of what it does.

3. Design and Theme

The lion costume is one of around five different high-value symbols in this slot machine, each of which is colored differently, just like in numerous other slot machines with a Chinese festival theme (gold, white, red, yellow and green). Along with the Royals, which range from 10 to A, there are five more low value symbols.

The wild, drum scatters, and logo bonus symbols all appear together as feature symbols. Overall not a horrible design, although there have undoubtedly been worse, as the category is filled with games that share similar visuals.

Final Thoughts

Overall of 5 Lions Dance slot review, when it comes to gameplay, potential, and volatility, this slot deposit pulsa machine performs admirably. 

While neither the story nor the graphics particularly stand out to us, we wouldn’t classify the game as being poorly made. Overall, it’s a slot game style that will be beneficial to aficionados of the genre, particularly because the volatility is moderate.

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